Probe Heavy Duty Batteries

Looking for heavy duty batteries that can go the distance? Don’t look any further than Probe for a huge variety of batteries sure to meet your needs. And your pocket.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll be getting Probe’s maintenance free, ‘fit and forget’ battery promise and the best value for your fleet.

Not all batteries are created equal, and for maximum efficiency you need to consider route conditions, payloads, long haul or short haul.

African conditions and cross-border deliveries are demanding on batteries, and other factors that may come into play, such as the level of vibration in your trucks. Many fleet managers have decided to upgrade their batteries to AGM (absorbed glass mat) from flooded cell. In this situation, the Probe Extreme AGM range of batteries offer the best power for your money.

If you’re doing in-country routes on good highways – Probe Ultra Start will be the one to choose.

The Probe Performance+ and Plus XHD series are extremely durable and robust, providing sustained performance under any conditions. The Ultra Start, Extra Start, Force EFB and Ultimate AGM series are specifically suited for stop-start systems found in the more modern heavy duty vehicles.

You’re going to get: Exceptional starting power at extreme temperatures

  • High cycle stability 
  • Deep discharge capability 
  • High reliability and long service life
  • Increased operating stability through pocket separators with microglass mat support in the case of AGM
  • Vibration resistant

As well as being fully sealed and maintenance-free, these batteries are enhanced with calcium technology to extend the battery life.

A unique state-of-charge indicator (Magic Eye) allows you to easily check the power status of your battery. You can rely on Probe’s online battery finder tool or catalogue to easily find what you need – or call the expert team.

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