Probe solar batteries and inverters

Most South Africans have a deep connection to the bush – and a desire to go green and off-grid.
Besides that, in our homes, factories, schools and hospitals – we need to know that we can keep the lights on and have power security.
Probe can help you take control of your own power, and what you pay for it.
The cost of installing solar has been high in the past, especially if you really go off grid. This is mostly due to the lithium ion batteries required to store solar energy in inverters. The battery cost has reduced by about 60% in the last two years and is still coming down, making solar a solid option.

Battery experts Probe stock a range of flexible, affordable power solutions –including inverters, complete solar kits and of course the best batteries for the job, from deep cycle AGM gel to Lithium Ion batteries.
A Probe Solar System – powered up by a MaxLi Lithium Iron Battery to give maximum life of 10 years or more, is a great investment.
These are the gold standard of solar battery, offering an extremely long cycle life, about 20 times more than lead acid batteries, higher power and a high discharge and recharge rate. They’re also lighter, safer and more flexible due the modular shape – you can put about ten of these in battery panels.

With a complete solar kit including these batteries, solar panels and one of Probe’s topnotch inverters, you’ll be harnessing the power of the sun in no time.
So, don’t buy a system or batteries until you’ve spoken to the team at Probe.
They’ll recommend the right solar system and battery back-up for your needs.

Keep watching and power up with Probe.
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