Best value parts for your fleet

A truck is something that makes you money. And for it to do that, it needs to be on the road. One of the top causes of truck breakdowns is due to electrical system failure. You don’t want to go down for the sake of a starter/alternator and battery. No matter what age your fleet is, Probe has the quality and range that will keep you on the road and reduce your total cost of ownership. Probe carries starters and alternators for 90% of the South African market – including American, European and Asian trucks. Through the lifecycle of a vehicle, the amount you’re prepared to pay for replacement parts changes.

If your vehicle out of service plan or more than 5 years old, it comes down to a choice between

– genuine OEM parts such as Prestolite or Delco Remy

– Probe quality-controlled aftermarket parts, or

– Remanufactured parts from the Probe Value line – providing a cost effective option that’s indistinguishable from the original. These are a great option, especially for trucks older than ten years.

Probe have been approved distributors for Delco Remy since the early 1960s. Delco Remy supplies the majority of the OEMs in the heavy-duty segment, particularly American trucks. Designed for high efficiency, Delco Remy starters and alternators can deliver reliability for your fleet – giving you peace of mind when you send your trucks up into Africa, making your cargo gets to its destination. Durable and fuel-efficient Delco Remy alternators like the 36SI have quickly become the new fleet standard, keeping your batteries stabilised with remote sense technology. Prestolite Leece-Neville is our preferred brand for European vehicles. We like this gear reduction design for it’s performance output compared to weight. At half the weight and size, it will outperform the old conventional starters. For your fleet vehicles that are over ten years old, our remanufactured units are a cost-effective solution for you. A Probe rebuilt unit normally costs 50% to 75% of the cost of a new one, and carries the same warranty. The Probe value line offers quality-controlled remanufactured products to OEM specifications, so that customers don’t have to pay a premium, or use unvetted parts. A good alternator extends battery life, and a good battery extends your starter’s life – which increases the vehicle’s uptime. And that’s good news for your fleet.

At Probe, you’re going to get the right advice on optimal parts for your fleet and the great after-market support that you need. Power up with Probe.

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