Solutions for the fleet owner – Schumacher boosters

In modern commercial trucks like this one, batteries need to power up a range of additional equipment such as navigation and tracking systems, satellite TV, seat heaters, fridges, microwaves and cell phones. 

All these extras add to the demands placed on your battery. 

To avoid losing time and money, it makes sense to be equipped with a robust battery booster like this Schumacher range from Probe.
When it comes to Schumacher, you can power the smallest need with the most powerful battery boosters, which is not the case for every brand, which gives you extra flexibility to go big.

 This 1200AMP heavy duty SOS Booster by Schumacher only weighs about 24kg. Not bad when you think that it can jump start a heavy-duty truck, bus, combine harvester, plane, boat or even heavy civil engineering equipment – basically anything from 12V to 24V battery. It works for petrol and diesel vehicles, and at extreme temperatures.

 It’s durable, mobile and you can expect some great features across the range, including This LED lamp – the blue clamp is equipped with a led lamp for safe use, especially in the dark. The switch and a reverse polarity warning so you don’t injure yourself or damage the battery or vehicle electronics.
These flat, puncture proof wheels which make it the perfect tool for workshops, depots and parking lots. 

These Schumacher boosters will be a real asset to your fleet or workshop. Follow our YouTube channel and stay on the road with Probe.

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